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Program Services & Descriptions

The POW Academy for students in PK-8 Grade
The Program of Overall Wellness, also known as the POW Academy is hosted at a BCSD middle school site and gives students access to full day high quality social, emotional, and/or academic instruction during multi-day school breaks. This academy utilizes content in the overall wellness areas of fitness, nutrition, organic & environmental systems, character development, sportsmanship, community service and social studies to drive skill development in core areas as well as build confidence in peer interactions and language use. Nutrition and transportation are provided as available.

Saturday Academies for students in PK-8 Grade
Saturday academies are 6-8 week academic programs that are aligned with BCSD instructional cycles where students receive high-quality customized instruction differentiated to support their individual social, emotional, and academic growth targets. Academies typically run in the Fall, Winter, and Spring and provide opportunities for students to prepare, practice, and participate in district, local, state and national competitions as well as include STEM, STEAM, Project Based Learning, sports, and Visual and Performing Arts elements. Academies take place at one or more BCSD site full days on Saturdays. Nutrition and transportation are provided as available.

Extended Day Instruction
Multiple school sites around the district offer students one hour of supplemental instruction one or more days after school each week. Instruction is differentiated to meet the specific needs of participating students as well as is delivered by collaborating team members responsible for core instruction. Participating students also have the opportunity to build their home libraries as well as participate in limited session thematic units where they are able to enjoy the productive struggle involved in pursuing and achieving skills mastery.

Academia Cultural
These events, hosted at the Migrant Programs Office in the Migrant Dedicated Classroom bring families together to bridge the disconnect between children and adults within a family and a community attributed to cultural differences and misunderstandings that are a result of those differences. Attendees learn more about generational differences in childhood experiences as well as come together to share their stories and traditions as part of redefining community culture and supporting the overall wellness of students within our sphere of responsibility and influence.  The Latino Family Literacy Project is a key element of this program offering families and students access to high-quality text in both their home language and English.  Participants also have the ability to build their home libraries.

STEAM Nights
Once a month, families from around the district are invited to come together for an evening exploring strategies for how adults can best support their students, participate in hands-on activities for parents to be introduced to the current popular trends teachers are using in classrooms or sending home for homework, practice utilizing common household tasks to build language and 21st Century Skills, and learn how to use text – any text – to develop lifelong literacy habits as well as give families a chance to spend productive time with their family members.

Evening Programs
One evening or more a week, the Migrant Education Region 21 Program Office hosts various 3-hour programs tailored to meet the needs of students in engaging formats that disperses the responsibility of teaching and learning across stakeholders including students, staff, families, and community leaders. Evening programs include the Mariachi Performing Arts Academy, Cafe Migrante: Open Mic Talent and Poetry Night, One Book, One Bakersfield, One Kern: Leadership & Literacy, Young Authors’ Night: Expressive Language in letters and form, Gallery 21: Visual Art, Club 21: Orators Only, as well as hosting school site nights in collaboration with school site leadership.
Site-Based Summer Programs
Every Summer, the Migrant Education Department provides the opportunity for students to participate in the 21st Century Summer Academy which allows opportunities for Project Based Learning (PBL) with a focus on developing communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking in an environment which is culturally and linguistically responsive to student needs.   As part of the academy, students create a cardboard arcade inspired by Caine's Arcade, a STEAM exhibition, as well as present performance theatre, musical collaborations, and put on the 21st Century Fair.  In addition to this opportunity, a select group of students participate with the Program of Overall Wellness focusing on overall academic and physical health and fitness at CSU Bakersfield.
Residential-Based Summer Programs
Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of residential programs throughout the summer months.  These programs include participating with Camp KEEP Montana del Oro for elementary and upper elementary students.  In addition, opportunities for 5th-8th grade students include the Migrant Institute for STEM & Leadership at Fresno State University, the Applied Mathematics Academy at University of California at Santa Barbara, the Algebra Academy at California Polytechnic Institute at Pomona and the STEM Academy at CSU Bakersfield.   A special opportunity takes students to Washington, D.C. and New York City as part of the CLOSE-UP Leadership Program.