State and Federal Programs » Historical NCLB Supplemental Educational Services (SES)

Historical NCLB Supplemental Educational Services (SES)

SES and Public School Choice are no longer provided by our District.  The information below is for historical purpose only.


The No Child Left Behind Act & Parents’ Choices

Under No Child Left Behind and the Elementary, districts shall identify any Title I school that fails, for two consecutive years, to make adequate yearly progress as a program improvement school. School districts must provide parents and children in program improvement schools timely notification of the public school choice and supplemental services options that may be available for their children. School districts must set aside an amount equal to 20 percent of their Title I allocation for supplemental services and transportation for public school choice.

Supplemental Educational Services (SES)

Under the No Child Left Behind Act, children from low-income families who attend schools in program improvement for two or more consecutive years were given the opportunity to receive free supplemental services ( SES tutoring) outside the regular school day—from a variety of state-approved providers. Parents have the opportunity to choose the SES company that best meets the needs of their children.

Many types of organizations are eligible to be supplemental service providers, including faith-based organizations, for-profit and non-profit companies, school districts, and other community groups. Each organization must be state approved in order to contract with districts and provide SES tutoring services to students.





Additional FREE Academic Support for Students/Apoyo Académico adicional gratis para los estudiantes

Additional FREE Academic Support for Students/Apoyo Académico adicional gratis para los estudiantes


Public School Choice

Children in schools identified for program improvement are notified, by the district, of their transfer options to non-program improvement schools in their district.

In providing students the option to transfer, the district shall give priority to the lowest achieving children from low-income families, as determined by the district for purposes of allocating funds to schools.

School Choice enrolls students in their regular day classes in the same manner as it enrolls other students; site specific programs that that run before or after school require a separate application and acceptance.

Transportation for Choice is provided by the district from designated Choice bus stops.