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August/September 2019

School Plans (SPSA) were approved at the June 25, 2019 Board Meeting
SPSA Addendums
New template is available in DTS.  Please work with SFP department if you will be submitting an addendum for the September Board Meeting on Sept. 24th.  Addendums are due by Monday September 9th.
SSC Elections and Composition
First week of school- send home nominations for new/replacement SSC members (parents/teachers/"other" staff)
Second week of school- send home/pass out ballots (even if only one person is running, a ballot is required)
Create a tally to document votes for each nomination.
Keep all election materials for 5 years. 
Link election documentation and new composition to SSC google Hub
Develop ELAC committee.
NEW spending guidelines - check out the food and incentives guideline links on SFP website
SFP Handbook training on September 16th 8-11 in PDC