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Consultant Agreements General Information

Below are directions, due dates and forms that will be needed to complete a Consultant Agreement. Please review the “Check List” and the “Flow Chart” to review the updates to the consultant process. Any questions pertaining to Consultant Agreements may be directed to Latonya Thompson at x14678.

Completed consultant agreement packets will include the following forms:

Please note that all forms have been updated. Please replace any existing forms on your computer with the forms listed below.

NOTE: The name on the Consultant Agreement, Requisition, and the W‐9 should match.

  1. Agreement for Consultant Services (rev 7/2016) – When using the interactive agreement, do not use plain paper. Only use store stock form #300326 and submit all 5 copies in this order: white (bright), white (less bright), yellow, green, and pink. The 3/2016 revision includes verbiage for the IRS standard mileage rate along with acknowledgements for STRS retirees and invoices from consultants. Example of Agreement for Consultant Services.
2. W-9 (rev 11/2017) – New vendors only
3. Consultant Agreement Informational Memorandum (rev 7/2016)- A pamphlet or website posting may be included with memo.
4. Pre-encumbering Requisition – All requisitions must follow the format outlined in this Example of Pre-Encumbering Requisition
5. Categorical Justification (rev 4/17) – Title I Only

Payment of Consultants will be processed using the following forms:

Earnings limits for STRS retirees are as follows:

  • 2015-16  $40,321
  • 2016-17  $41.732
  • 2017-18  $43,755
  • 2018-19  $45,022
  • 2019-20  $46,451
  • 2020-21  $47,713
  • 2021-22  $48,428