Blueprint for Academic Success

Effective Leaders

Effective Leaders ensure a safe and nurturing educational environment in which all
students receive high quality instruction resulting in academic excellence.

    • Conduct daily classroom observations to monitor school climate, culture and instruction
    • Empower the collective efficacy of all staff by promoting and supporting site based
       professional learning academy
    • Participate in continuous learning to strengthen their leadership and pedagogical skills

Effective Teachers

Effective Teachers provide access to a guaranteed and viable curriculum for all students
resulting in academic excellence.

    • Communicate the importance of a student centered culture through positive relationships with
       students and families
    • Strengthen collective efficacy through collaboration, collective accountability, and implementing
       research-based high leverage strategies
    • Empower teacher leadership through our TAC, TLT (ELA/ELD, Math, Tech, SEL) and
       site leadership teams

Targeted Student Support Systems
Targeted Student Support Systems provide a systematic multi-tiered system of support
with comprehensive services that address the needs of the whole student.
    • Ensure coherent system-wide practice of meeting the academic, health and social emotional
       needs of all students through efficacious grade level and school-wide teams
    • Strengthen access to core programs through research-based effective interventions
       related to literacy and numeracy
    • Support inclusive access to academic programs utilizing schoolwide approaches to promote
       student learning and high achievement for all students
School Culture, Climate and Safety
School Culture, Climate and Safety are centered on all students and adults receiving a
welcoming, safe and nurturing learning environment.
    • Ensure implementation of the standard response protocol for District emergency procedures
       through regularly scheduled drills
    • Strengthen meaningful relationships within and across the school and District community
    • Support staff to ensure all classrooms are conducive to student learning
Family and Community Engagement                                                     
Family and Community Engagement is dedicated to empowering our families,
community members and schools.

    • Expand our Parent University program to strengthen connections between school and home
    • Ensure FACE liaisons & office assistants at school sites support the improvement of student
    • Empower Parents As Leaders to promote leadership