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The BCSD Art Gallery provides an outstanding opportunity to display the exceptional talents of the students in the Bakersfield City School District. Since 1996, the gallery in the Education Center has encouraged and reinforced quality art instruction in the classroom.
The BCSD Art Gallery encourages students to share their work and visual arts experiences with peers and adults. Employees of the Education Center benefit from the vivid and colorful expressions that adorn the halls. Visitors are immediately drawn to the student works which stir memories of how vitally important the arts are to our community and the education of our children.
The art in the gallery is changed three times each year. About sixty pieces are displayed each time. Following the exhibit, the artworks are returned to the students at their schools. The artworks mounted in copper, gold, and silver picture frames are part of the growing permanent collection displayed throughout the building.
In addition to the BCSD Art Gallery, PreK-8 student artists also participate in the Bakersfield Museum of Art and the Kern County Fair Youth Art Exhibits.
To see all of the student art, visit the online galleries here!