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Research and Evaluation

To empower our district by providing educational planning, training, assessment, data interpretation, and research-related support services to meet academic benchmarks for our students. We are committed to partnering with school educators, administrators, families, and communities in data-driven decision making for accountability, program improvement and policy development. We equip those we serve with the knowledge to integrate data findings into the districtís improvement process.

We will achieve this mission by working toward the following goals:

  • Develop and strengthen working relationships with school educators, practitioners, administrators, families, the media, and district departments
  • Provide quality training, support, and other research-related services to partners in the district
  • Sponsor implementation strategies based on research implications for all partners to meet academic benchmarks
  • Develop standardized methods of assessment with input from frontline staff
  • Create and maintain open communication with partners regarding our processes, methodology, and usefulness of data for positive change
  • Be more proactive and readily available to respond to data concerns and assessment implementation
  • Invest in our staff to help assure their continued professional growth and quality of life
  • Assess and evaluate progress toward goals to ensure wise investment of resources
  • To increase awareness and knowledge regarding the importance of testing to our clients