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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are allowable budget transfers?

There are two ways to do a budget transfer:

1. Fill out a BCSD Fiscal Services BUDGET TRANSFER FORM as directed. Complete the “from” account code, the “to” account code, the amount, and the explanation for the transfer. Have the form signed by an authorized individual at your school site, and mail/fax it to the Fiscal Services Office for approval. Staff will make the transfer in your computer files.

2. Go into the BUDGETXFR function of your school’s computer budget files. Follow the instructions on the computer screen. Print a report of the transaction and have the report signed by an authorized individual at your school site. Mail/fax the signed report to the Fiscal Services Office for approval. This is a data entry screen only. Once you exit out of this screen, you will not be able to recover the data that you just typed. Nothing will be sent by the mainframe to Fiscal Services. Action will only be taken when the signed form is received (mail/fax) in Fiscal Services.

Budget transfers may be made:

1. Between account codes in the same categorical program

2. Between account codes in the 4000, 5000 (excluding mileage stipends, utilities, telephone, and maintenance contracts), and 6000 object classifications

3. Between “extra time” (District Code 01) and/or “sub time” (District Code 02) salary accounts and account codes in the 4000-6000 range

4. Between unrestricted monies appropriated for your site on a formula basis [e.g. supplies, equipment], accounts funded through attendance incentives [see FAQs for Lottery funds].

Budget transfers may not be made:

1. between position-control-generated salary and/or benefit accounts (District Code 00) and other account codes [Note: any changes that need to be made to salaries from the salary schedules will be initiated by Fiscal Services]

2. between 7000 object codes and any other account codes

3. between or from restricted monies appropriated for your site such as Special Education, Federal Class Size Reduction, Medi-Cal Billing Option, and Desegregation

2. What budgets can be carried over?

For unrestricted general fund budgets, the past practice of the District has been to carry over unused Lottery funds at the school sites. In categorical program budgets, many grants allow carryover. This is determined by the granting agency and can be found in the grant letter or application. In general, funding for the current school year is driven by the student population of that year and is intended for those students.

3. What can be purchased from Lottery funds?

Per Ed. Code and Board policy, lottery must be used for instructional academic expenditures directly related to students. It may not be used for building or site improvement.

4. What budgets cannot be used for on-going expenses?

Funds for Attendance Incentive, or any one-time allocation or one-year grant.

5. What if I discover expenditures have been charged to the wrong account?

You may submit a transfer form for “Expenditures” with backup report showing the expenditure posting to the incorrect account and request it be transferred to the correct account. The school or department to be charged as a result of the transfer must approve the transaction.

6. How do I change the access for a staff member on the main frame system?

Request a form from Information Technology. The principal or department head can change access to accounts or types of transactions for their staff.

7. How do I know how much is in my budget?

There is direct on line access to your budget information. Request the Business System documentation that relates to budget from Information Technology.

8. How do I know when a budget has been made available?

Generally, when a new budget is put on the system after the first of the year, you will be notified by Fiscal Services. Run a Budget Report for your site or department and compare to previous report. You may call Fiscal Services for assistance or questions regarding a new budget.