Vision and Mission

  • Vision 
    Our vision in Bakersfield City School District is to be the model of educational excellence, equity, and innovation.
    Bakersfield City School District’s mission is to educate all students at the highest levels of academic excellence to become collaborative, creative, and critical thinkers.


  • Owens Primary School was first opened in 1950 under the name Potomac School. In 1971, it adopted the current name – Bessie E. Owens School. Later on, in its existence, it split into two separate schools: Owens Primary and Owens Intermediate. Owens Primary services children K-3rd, and Owens Intermediate 4th-6th grade. The school is named after Bessie E. Owens, a career educator who taught in various schools and roles for nearly 50 years. Owens School works hard every day to provide each child with the attention and instruction needed to ensure the best education possible.