Vision and Mission

  • Roosevelt Mission

    The mission of Roosevelt Elementary is to provide all children with a high-quality education in a positive, nurturing and safe learning environment. Roosevelt staff is committed to increasing student achievement by working in conjunction with parents and the community to promote the social, emotional and academic growth of all children.


    Bakersfield City School District’s vision is to be a leader in public education through a collaborative and supportive learning community that ensures all students are inspired to achieve academic excellence and become life-long learners and productive citizens.


  • Roosevelt Elementary first opened its doors way back in 1922, making it one of the oldest educational establishments in Bakersfield. It is named after the United States’ 26th President Theodore Roosevelt. The school experienced severe damage from the earthquake of 1952 and had to be rebuilt. Through the years, the administration and staff at Roosevelt elementary has always been dedicated to providing academic excellence, so that each child receives what they need to have success at the various stages of life.