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Jefferson Staff Spotlight! ~October2022~



~~ Staff Spotlight! ~~

Greetings, Jefferson Patriot families! 

Once a month, we'll add a quick feature on one teacher and one support staffer on our campus!

For our *FIRST* run of the 2022 - 2023 school year, we've decided to feature two of our most smiley staffers at Jefferson:

Teacher Laurie Dotson (Transitional Kinder) - in a photo taken her first day at Jefferson, 20 years ago this year!

~  & Behavioral Intervention Specialist, Adriana Dotson. That's right: The DOTSONS! (No relation.)

Without further adieu, let's move onward with our *OCTOBER* Staff Spotlight. Please click the attachments to read about each of these wonderful staffers! 
Laurie Dotson:  ~ Click! ~

Adriana Dotson: ~ Click! ~