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eBook Info: A/R & myOn & DestinyDiscover: Student/Parent login link!

Greetings, students!


<Summer camp 2023: LeBron James links>

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<Summer camp 2023: Wilma Rudolph links>
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Let's walk through a few weeks to see eBooks (internet reading materials!)

1.) ~~~myOn & A/R system (Renaissance Product)~~~ info is below!


Here is a quick link if you would like to log in to myOn or other Renaissance products, such as A/R:

To get started, click  ~ Here~ ! 

(Students, don't forget to enter the lowercase letters bc - before you numbers, in your password.) =)

*NOTE: Teachers, if you are used to your students logging in via Clever, they are welcome to do that, too! HERE (click) is a handy link to Clever. =)


Also, if you'd like to see our refresher guide to myOn, in Word format, it's ready to go, right  ~ HERE! (Click) ~




2.) ~~~DESTINY DISCOVER~~~ info is below!

**Destiny Discover: Students, this is another way for you to see eBooks! Simply go to:

---> -- or click ~~ HERE ~~

---> Click "Jefferson"

---> Click Catalog

---> Click "Destiny Discover"  and wait a moment for it to load. ~

---> Once it's up, click "Login" at the top - and login with the same username and password you'd use to log in to BCSD products! 
(PARENTS: If you have a younger student who doesn't recall this info, plz contact Mrs. Campas, our parent rep, or Mrs. E, in the library - by calling the main Jefferson school number. We can get this info to you!) =)

--- > Enter a topic at the top, such as animals, and press Enter.

---> Many will come up! But you want one you can read comfortably, so....

----> Click "Filters"

---> Click "Reading Level" -- and enter your level! 

... here, you can also filter by Language (English/Spanish) -- or any other filter you'd like! =)


---> Start clicking! If you find a book you'd like to read cover to cover, click "check out." You can keep it for a week and it will automatically check it back in when done. Or you can check it back in manually sooner than that. Read as many books online as you'd like! For FREE! =)


* Here is a fun video that the librarian at MLK elementary - BCSD's newest school - put together, on Destiny Discover. Remember "Cal Worthington?" =)
Click ~ HERE~ !




3.) ~~~STORYLINE ONLINE~~~ info is below! 

 **Prefer to have a story read **TO** you or your child, from a famous face? This website is for you - and free! 

STORYLINE ONLINE is available 24 hours a day for children, parents, caregivers and educators worldwide. Each book includes supplemental curriculum developed by a credentialed elementary educator, aiming to strengthen comprehension and verbal and written skills for English-language learners. Readers include Oprah Winfrey, Chris Pine, Kristen Bell, Viola Davis and many more! -- or -- ~ CLICK HERE! ~


Stories in Spanish, too! An example is ~ HERE! (CLICK) ~


**Shorter stories for when you just have a few minutes, an example of which -- read by our favorite lady -- is ~ HERE! Click ~