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BCSD Students Participate in AERA Academy

February 7, 2020 - More than 100 students from Wayside Elementary participated in AERA Academy, a learning workshop that focuses on the energy industry and introduces students to various career options related to STEAM education.  The event took place on the campus of AERA Energy located in southwest Bakersfield.

Attendees had the opportunity to interact with professionals in the industry as they discussed a wide arrange of topics, including geology, oil production, petroleum-related products, the history of AERA, and several others.

Janea’ Benton, Public Affairs Specialist at AERA Energy, said, “AERA Academy is a 14,000 square foot learning center that we transformed into a way for the community and the kids to see what happens in the oil fields right here in Bakersfield.  The kids learn about geology, production, oil in everyday life, how we keep the environment safe, and how we interact with the community.”

Matthew Rocha, a student from Wayside, said, “I really loved learning about the equipment that they use out in the field. It was very interesting to me.  I want to become an engineer someday and design stuff.”

Thank you AERA Energy for providing this unique educational opportunity to BCSD students. We look forward to having more students take part in this special program.

For more pictures from the event, CLICK HERE!

For video from this event, CLICK HERE!


Students listening to AERA presenter